Sure to draw a crowd!

Ignite your festival with a performance to remember, a team of musicians & drums for all to join in – we bring as many drums as you need. The Drum Beats team perform an array of rich percussion based music from around the world – rhythms from West and North Africa, Operatic and Gypsy vocals & songs from the new album.
Crowd members are invited to play the drums as the Drum Beats facilitator conducts the participants to become part of the performance, creating a level of energy & excitement hard to beat. Special dances for the little ones & a dynamic African dance performance for the older ones!


    Options Include:

    * African Drumming & Dance Stage Shows
    * Interactive African Drumming Stage Shows
    * Interactive Rhythms of the World Stage Shows
    * Arabian Nights Stage Show
    * Smaller Interactive Workshops
    * Junk Shows
    * Drumming & Fire Stage Shows
    * Roving Cultural Drummers



    Ideal For:

    *Children’s festivals,
    *Corporate family Days
    *Australia Day Extravaganza!
    *Harmony Day & Community Festivals
    *Sporting Events
    *A unique way to bring people together at your event!

    Performances are available in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth