Rhythm in the Home Office!

Covid-19 has brought a raft of changes upon the ways teams work and connect. Its often said that its not working from home but ‘Living at Work’!

For many years now our message has been around orchestration of sound and individuals roles within a team along with working on “seeing” the things people don’t normally see or more simply “intuition”. We believe that once we become aware of those “unseen” things then there is opportunity for growth of self and the team. Working with our clients online has been a wonderful way to prove that theory and now so much easier and cost effective for our over sea’s and interstate clients!

Drum Beats has inventive virtual team building programs to help your team members connect & rediscover their sense of team whilst working remotely. Our programs have been tested & tested to make sure they are as seamless as possible. These sessions are ideal for virtual conferences, virtual end of year/Christmas events and just to help teams reconnect.

Give us a ring or fill in the form below to find out how we can bring rhythm & team work into your home offices!