Here are our suggestions!

  1. Corporate Drumming – a drum for each participant.
  2. Perky Percussion – an assortment of percussion instruments.
  3. Playing the Tubes – with our coloured tuned rhythm tubes.
  4. Junk Beats –resourceful is our middle name!
  5. Agile Tribes – solidify ‘Agile’ based programs witheffective, high energy sessions
  6. Song to Stage – take your team into the world of song and voice

A drum for each participant!

A corporate drumming session is an energy boost ideal for conferences, team building days, awards nights & end of year celebrations. Each person is given a drum to play as they quickly become part of a fabulous drumming orchestra. The experience is supportive & energising, a sense of fun is encouraged by the charismatic facilitators & participants quickly leave their concerns behind and enjoy the experience.


Get into the Groove!

If logistics are making the drumming session a challenge there is more than one way to skin a drum!
We have a collection of percussion instruments that can be quickly & easily set up. The differing sounds are easily orchestrated in a bright enticing manner that many clients have found preferable.
Works well for cocktail type events when seating is limited and when there is limited time available



    No we’re not talking about surfing!

    Our plastic rhythm tubes take orchestration to a new place. Each tube is lightweight, hollow, color-coded, tuned to a musical pitch by length. The tubes allow melodies to be more easily developed. If the drums are earthy, the rhythm tubes are more heavenly!

    Ideal for any occasion

    Also works well when set up & session time is limited!


    Everyday Items Make Music!

    Who said you need beautiful African drums to play in a corporate drumming session? What if being resourceful is part of the message you are looking to share with your team?

    Welcome to Junk Beats, our master percussionists will have your team playing a range of items not usually associated with music. It amazing the different textures & sounds that can be generated from everyday items. Speak with us about personalising the experience for your brand!


    High Energy Workshops

    Inspired by Agile team organisation models, we have a series of high energy workshops based around different ways tribes communicated in days gone by. Think Kalahari bushmen, rainforest pygmies for example

    The sessions have been developed with common threads that weave together with all participants for the finale

    Speak with us to learn more




    From the Office to the Stage!

    The human body & voice are the oldest types of musical instruments known to man – and still work today!

    We offer an range of programs including the

    Conference Energy Raiser: short and sharp we take participants through a range of voice activities and leave them buzzing!

    Team Building: When people sing together, they get a crash course in teamwork, combine this with allot of laughs & inspiration &that’s what to expect with our singing team!

    Full Song to Stage: Talk to us for the details!