The spirit of the Coroboree awaits.

An Aboriginalelder greets the delegates with a traditional smoking ceremony which is thought to ward off bad spirits & help create a positive atmosphere. As the sounds of the didgeridoo and the song man permeate the air, the dancers appear on stage performing ancient dance & songs that have been passed down for thousands of years.

A spectacular show is enjoyed by all.

Depending upon your event we provide options for the full stage show with many dancers or for more intimate gatherings the song man and master didgeridoo player duo.



    Ready to connect with the land & work together as a team?

    Dreamtime is about returning to the magic of your natural rhythm, spontaneity and joy.

    Under the guidance of our Aboriginal facilitators and elders Dreamtime shares the mystery of this ancient land. Utilising some of the ‘tools’ that have held Aboriginal communities together over thousands of years, colleagues particpate in Aboriginal painting, music & artifacts to connect and deepen understandings of ourselves and others.

    These experiences strengthens team bonds and reinforces common values and goals. Workshops are fun, at times irreverent, but always with an understanding of what it truly is that connects us. Teams walk away refreshed united with a renewed sense of fun!



    The Dreamtime Experience is:

    • Ideal for the start, middle or close or conference to anchor your message –  uplifting, focusing and empowering your team to function as a Community.
    • A showcase performance for out-of-towners or overseas tourists who’d like to experience Australia’s unique and creative culture.
    • A beautiful way to bless your Wedding Day.
    • The perfect accompaniment for any occasion that celebrates LIFE