For large scale events an auditorium is our preference. Tiered seating allows everyone to easily see and engage with the facilitators & musicians.


Theatre Style:

Also works well for most situations with larger groups it is helpful to have a small stage for the musicians & facilitators.



U-Shape/ Semi Circle

A single U-Shape formation is ideal for smaller groups and allows everyone to have equal visibility & connection with each other & the facilitators & musicians.

Concentric U-Shapes or Semi-Circles work well as the group gets bigger and it is helpful to have a small stage for the musicians & facilitators

Please do not use these formations with desks, ask your venue assistants to move the desks to the side for the Drum Beats session.





    Perfect for informal events like Awards Nights & Christmas Celebrations.


    Our sessions work best when there are no tables or desks between the participants & our facilitators, its easier to connect & helps everyone to fall into rhythm.


    A headset microphone or similar for the lead facilitator is required for larger groups of over 100pax

    Regarding microphones for our musicians, again it varies depending upon the size of a group and from venue to venue, some spaces are quite dull and other are really bouncy. As a general rule, once we get to 100 participants its beneficial to at least have 1 microphone on the main ‘Rhythm Keeping’ drum.