Gemtree Winery, Sydney – October 27th

Fuji Zerox Australia ran a competition whereby a participating organisation (corporate, school, government etc) in each state had the opportunity to win a leadership package. This leadership package includes a choice of a team building activity and a presentation by an inspiring leadiership speaker.

The team at Gemtree Winery were the successful organisation in South Australia and they selected the Drum Beats corporate drumming activity as it seemed like a good choice considering the broad range of people in their staff – administration, sales, hoticulturists, winemakers, farmers, senior management. A drumming team building activity is a surefire way to unite a group of people from different backgrounds & quickly creates an atmosphere of fun & energy, needless to say the group at Gemtree thoroughly enjoyed their session too. The leadership presentation was delivered by Jill Hicks, Jill is an amazing and inspiring person, if you ever have the chance to hear her presentation please take the opportunity!